• Limited Edition 随心而行——Follow Your Heart (24x24cm)

  • $399.00

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This is the limited edition print of "Follow Your Heart" on 24x24cm size Pikka Pikka microfiber fabric, signed and numbered by JLEE360, limited to 36 pcs worldwide.
The work includes high quality hard cardboard frame with golden prints of "Pikka Pikka x JLEE360", authentic signed certificate of collection, and easy to carry envelope package in black cardboard paper. (Glass frame not included).
這是限量版 "Follow Your Heart" 板畫印刷在 24x24公分 Pikka Pikka 微纖維布上, 全球限量 36 件, 全部均附上JLEE360 親筆簽名和號碼, 極具收蔵價值.
每件作品都附有印上 "Pikka Pikka x JLEE360" 的高質量黑色硬卡紙框, 親筆簽名收蔵証書, 和黑色硬卡紙信封包裝. (不包括玻璃鏡框).