About Pikka Pikka

Combine style, fashion, and world class technology, comes Pikka Pikka a brand dedicated in changing people’s way of cleaning.

Our line of products uses  microfiber cleaning cloths which cleans eye glasses, smart phone screens, monitors, jewellery, camera lenses etc.

Our mission is to bring innovation to small objects in daily life, with our unique material developed by Toray Industires Japan weare able to bring best cleaning functionality into fashionable accessories.   

Technology - Finest Microfiber from Japan
Our materials are developed by Japan’s Toray Industries, who specialise in developing functional materials including Heat Tech(Uniqlo), Fastskin (Speedo), and carbon fiber used by Boeing and AirBus.
Pikka Pikka when used to clean item such as eye glasses, the grease from the surface will be absorbed into the fabric and leave the item with completely clean surface. Unlike conventional fabric which only pushes the grease aside. 

Pikka Pikka 致力研究,開發,和製造全世界最細的纖維。顛覆傳統清潔布的概念,使人們能更有效,更時尚地清潔鏡片,鏡頭,手機屏幕等各種不同的光學製品。

使用日本東麗 Toraysee 技術,在日本銷售25年,連續15年銷量第一。